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Relax to soothing instrumental worship music.

What is
Quiet Time Radio?

Quiet Time Radio features soothing instrumental worship music versions of hymns, praise songs and original mellow music meant to aid in your devotional time and to recover from our busy, noisy world… it’s also great to fall asleep to!

Quiet Time originally started as a Sunday night program on KCMS/SPIRIT 105.3 in the late 1980’s, featuring the burgeoning market of Christian Instrumental music being released at that time. Martha Hadley was one of the on-air hosts for many years, and her voice is still featured today on the current version of “Quiet Time Radio” as well as long time Seattle radio personality Joe Micheals. The Quiet Time format is heard on AM 630 KCIS radio in Seattle weekday/weekend evenings and overnights and 24/7 on its own streaming station here at

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